King Mickey Mouse (steampunkwillie) wrote,
King Mickey Mouse

A small message from the desk of the Headmaster

Hello everyone! Gosh, I'm sorry if I haven't talked much, we've been very busy recruiting both students and staff!

Before we go off to the next trip, I thought I'd explain a tiny bit more about how we picked each one of you!

We didn't. Gosh, I know that sounds odd, but...

You see, whenever we go somewhere, we go wherever we are supposed to go. We never have an idea who, or what we have to get but once we get to our destination we...just know. And then we do our best to recruit them so they can come here!

In other words, we go where it is required of us to go. We don't have much of a choice in those matters, hahaha.

This means you might be meeting people from your future, or the past! Or maybe even an alternate timeline! Gosh, to tell you the truth, sometimes even if I don't completely understand it. What we do know is that you'll never meet someone who is your past or future self, there is always only one of you!

It's a bit hard to explain, being it's rather mystical, actually. Maybe Yen Sid could explain this better than me.
Tags: introductions
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